How to Install Wheel Ring Lights

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How to install Flow Series LED Wheel Ring Lights Kit Installation Guide -

Welcome to RGBHALOKITS.COM installation guide for your LED Wheel Ring Lights Kit! Before you begin the installation process on your vehicle, please test all components to ensure they are functioning properly. You will need to download the required app if your wheel lights kit is equipped with a bluetooth controller. The controllers are in the "OFF" mode by default, so you will need to connect to the controller in the app in order to turn the controller and wheel lights on to ensure that everything is working properly.

After installing the wheel ring brackets and strips, connect the extension wire to the end of the strip that says DI on it (for Data In) and route it to the vehicles engine bay. Be sure to leave some slack around the vehicles control arms to ensure the extension wire has room to move while the vehicle is turning. Securely fasten the extension wire with zip ties to ensure it stays in place. Please note that the longer extension wires are to be used on the wheel lights located on the rear wheels.

Next, connect the extension wire to one of the open connectors coming from the LED controller. 

The LED controller requires a 12-volt power source in order to function. The red wire with the in-line fuse is the 12-volt positive wire. This can be tapped into your desired 12-volt fuse source on the vehicle or spliced into a 12-volt source of your choice. It can also be connected directly to the vehicles battery.

The black wire is the ground wire. This can be connected or spliced to any ground wire or source on your vehicle, including the vehicle frame ground. 

If you are installing the Flow Series Color-Chasing Wheel Lights, the blue wire is an optional connection that taps into your vehicle brake light signal wire. When the brakes are applied, the wheel lights automatically switch to red. When the brakes are not active, the lights will switch back to the previous color or pattern.


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