2014-19 Infiniti Q50 Flow DRL Installation Guide

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2014-19 Infiniti Q50 Flow DRL Boards

1. Remove bumper:
To access headlights, remove bumper. We recommend checking out some handy Youtube tutorials for help!

2. Remove Headlights:

Remove bolts holding the headlights to the vehicle. unclip headlight harness and pull headlights off vehicle

3. Open Headlights

To open headlights, heat oven to 240 degrees and bake for 15-20 min. Allow oven to fully preheat before putting headlights in. Put aluminum foil on bottom of oven rack between rack and the headlights.

Once headlights have been heated, pull out of oven and place on a flat surface. Begin prying using a flathead screwdriver and work from one end of the headlight until you have worked around the entire headlight.

Once completed, use force to pull the lens off.

We also recommend checking out a youtube video on how to open headlights if you're inexperienced

4. Installing Components:

Remove the clear acrylic eyebrow DRL cover by unclipping the back tabs holding it in place.

Install the new flow DRL strip onto the housings and put cover back over the DRL strip.

5. Installing the Halo: 3 Options

1. Use the 3M adhesive tape found in your kit and mount on the backside of your halo ring (available on most kits), to mount the halo rings around the projector.

2. You can use your every day 2 part epoxy. Simply spread it along the backside of the halo and stick onto it’s desired location.

3. Use the wire method, which would require drilling two very small holes on each side of the headlight internals where the halo will mount. of the halo and tying fishing line or thin wire across the halo ring and through the drilled holes. Once the wire is ran through and you feel as if the halo is secure, simply twist lock the open ends together on the backside of the headlight until firm.