2015-2020 Dodge Charger RGBW DRL Install Guide

2015-2020 Dodge Charger RGBW DRL Boards

1. Remove Bumper:

To access headlights, remove the bumper. We recommend checking out some handy youtube tutorials for help!

2. Remove Headlights

Remove 4 (8mm) bolts to remove headlights from vehicle.
Once headlights are off vehicle remove the plastic support on the bottom of each headlights 2 (T15) screws

3. Open Headlights

Heat oven to 250 degrees and bake for 20 minutes. (Important: allow oven to preheat fully before putting headlights inside)

Once headlight has been heated, use a flat head scewdriver and begin prying from one end of the headlight until you have worked around the entire light.

Repeat this as necessary: Once lens is loose use a some force to pull and separate lens from the housing.

Need more help? We recommend checking out a youtube video on how to open headlights

4. After Headlights Are Open

Remove the inside housing face cover. 4 (T15-20) screws

5. Replacing the factory boards

Next, remove the torx scews holding the black alignment bracket in place over the factory boards.

Pull the bracket off and unclip the power connector from the factory board.

Remove the final torx scew holding the factory board in place. Repeat this for all 3 DRL boards)

Note: 2019+ Chargers will only have 1 DRL board.


6Using a firm grip, pull the thermal adhesion pad (sic-pad) from the back of the factory board.

Reattach the sil-pad to the back of your new RGBW DRL boards. Repeat for all the RGBW DRL boards

7. Installing the RGBW Boards

Using the alignment tabs, install the RGBW DRL boards using the original retaining screws and hardware.

Once complete, route the wires out of the headlamp through the
dust cap and seal any holes you create.

Do Not Overtighten RGBW boards when installing (may cause Led


8. Re-Install Face Cover

Re-install the inside bezel. Be sure to test all components before completing
the installation.
After testing, reseal the headlamp be using butyl sealant or RTV black silicone.