How to Re-Seal Headlights

How do I reseal my headlights after baking open?

  • Begin applying oem grade butyl sealant into the channel of your headlamp. Apply enough to fill the bottom radius of the headlight channel. 
  • After placing the sealant into the groove, press together slightly and re-bake the headlights at 240 degrees for 12-20 min. Make sure your oven is fully finished pre-heating before placing headlights inside. 
  • Using oven mitts, remove the heated assembly and press the lens together further. For best results, use clamps at several points around the headlight.
  • Allow the headlight to cool for 30 minutes, then remove the clamps. 
  • Once cool, remove the excess butyl glue by pulling quickly away from the lamp. 

How to reseal headlights after cutting open

  • step 1: use a hot knife or soldering iron to melt the plastic back together (plastic weld)
  • step 2: Silicone around your weld 
  • Step 3: smooth out your sealant 
  • Step 4: let headlights dry completely 
  • Step 5: Inspect the seal + test your headlights with a hose before reinstalling the headlights back onto the vehicle.