2015+ Dodge Challenger Halo/DRL Install Guide

2015+ Dodge Challenger DRL Boards

2015+ Dodge Challenger Halo Kit

1. Remove Bumper:

  • To access headlights, remove bumper.
  • We recommend checking out some youtube tutorials for help!

2. Remove Headlights

  • Remove 3 (8mm bolts} holding the headlights to the vehicle. Unclip headlight harness and pull headlights off vehicle

3. Open Headlights 

  • To open headlights, heat oven to 240 degrees and bake for 15-20 min (allow oven to fully preheat before putting headlights in) (put aluminum foil on bottom of oven rack between rack and the headlights)
  • Once headlights have been heated pull out of oven and place on a flat surface. Begin prying using a flathead screwdriver and work from one end of the headlight until you have worked around the entire headlight.
  • Once completed use force to pull the lens off
  • We also recommend checking out a Youtube video on how to open headlights if you are inexperienced

4. Once Headlights Are Open

5. Re-Install All Components and Put Lens Back On

  • Re-seal headlights with Butyl sealant or RTV black silicone

6. Connect your RGBW Controller to 12V Power and Ground

  • If you have the bluetooth controller option: download the app: Magic Light.
  • (Note you must connect in the app within 45 seconds of powering the controller)

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