Multicolor DRL Boards General Install Guide

Multicolor DRL Boards General Install Guide
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This install guide will give you some insight on install process of DRL Boards. The Process for installing DRL Boards is Generally the same for most headlights. Once headlights are opened up installation is typically a breeze! Professional Install is recommended. 


Step 1: Remove headlights from the vehicle. (Some vehicles require you to remove the bumper to access headlights. For this step we recommend using a handy YouTube video for help with your specific vehicle bumper.) 

Step 2. Open headlights.

Step 3. Identity and remove the OEM White DRL Circuit Boards inside the headlights. 

Step 4. Install the RGBW or Flow Series Multicolor DRL in place of the white circuit boards. Here is a video example of a DRL install. 

Step 5: Run wires out the back of headlights and test your components thoroughly.

Step 6: Reseal Headlights 

Step 7: Reinstall headlights back on the vehicle and Wire Multicolor DRL circuit boards according to our wiring guide.

DRL Boards Install Example:
*DRL multicolor boards may be circuit boards, LED Strips, Ribbons, or Individual LEDs depending on the specified headlight design 
*DRL Boards may be of different sizes, shapes, designs, and brightness depending on the specified headlight 
Please check our help center for specific vehicle install guide.