At RGB Halo Kits, we actively seek opportunities to test out new lighting products directly on vehicles, ensuring their fitment and functionality. We appreciate customers willing to assist us in this process!

Where is it?

  • Testing typically lasts 1-3 days, and would be done at our facility in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Vehicle testing opportunities are currently exclusive to residents of Phoenix, Arizona. Regrettably, logistical challenges prevent us from testing vehicles that have traveled from out-of-state or that are passing through. 

What do I get out of it? 

  • Test vehicles are eligible to receive free or discounted products and services. Test Vehicles can also receive free high resolution copies of video or images generated during and after the test session. 
  • All media, including photos and videos generated during the testing session, will be used by RGB Halo Kits for use in advertisements and product listings. 

How to sign up?