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  • RGB Halo Kits offers unique high quality auto lighting products, as well as products from other select major brands (Think of us as the Walmart of automotive lighting)

Here’s 5 reasons why you should become an Rgbhalokits Authorized Dealer :

 More Business:
We get a ton of customers asking for installers in their area. As an authorized dealer we can send customers to you that purchase from us that are in your area. 
24/7 Fast support + 1 year - Lifetime warranty on products:
As an authorized dealer you will be able to contact us 24/7 with questions, support, or help. Most products we sell include a lifetime warranty. 
 Quality Products + Large Selection + New Products Added Monthly:
We offer over 2,000 products for a truly one-stop-shop experience. We only sell proven, tested, and quality automotive lighting products (no cheap LED's here ). New products are added monthly. (Products not listed on website can also be offered via custom request.)
 Discounts, Discounts, Discounts!
As an authorized dealer you will receive discounted rates off products site-wide.
✅ Easy ordering with our new wholesale website which features already discounted pricing. 

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Authorized Dealer Terms and conditions 

In order to protect the investment of our high-quality vendors and RGB Halo Kit's brand reputation, we have adopted some Dealer Terms and Conditions 

  •  Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy. Dealers must not advertise pricing set lower than that listed on our website. A listing published at the incorrect MAP will receive a warning. After 3 uncorrected warnings, the dealer will be blacklisted. 
  • Content / images/ videos:  Dealers can use any of RGB Halo Kits Content so long as they are sourcing that specific items direct from RGB Halo Kits and not from any third party dealers or suppliers. 
  • Sustainability:  Dealer may be required to maintain a minimum yearly purchase amount of $2,500 worth of product to keep their authorized dealer status. 
  • Approval:    Authorized Dealers may be approved /disapproved and vetted based on their social media, reputation, personal recommendations, knowledge and experience with auto lighting products  and other factors. RGB Halo Kit's retains the right to add or remove authorized dealers at our own discretion. 
  • Platforms: Amazon & Ebay are not authorized platforms for Rgb Halo Kits Products to be resold.