RGB Halo Kits is an online marketplace and supplier of some of the best automotive LED lighting products. We are We only sell the best high-quality products that incorporate the latest LED and optical technology. Rgb Halo Kits is Primarily based in Phoenix, AZ with additional warehouses and suppliers in Fairfield, New Jersey and Atlanta, GA.



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 More Business:
We get a ton of customers asking for installers in their area. As an authorized dealer we can send customers to you that purchase from us that are in your area
24/7 Fast support + Lifetime warranty:
As an authorized dealer you will be able to contact us 24/7 with questions, support, or help. Most products we sell include a lifetime warranty. 
 Quality Products + Large Selection + New Products Added Monthly:
We offer over 2,000 products for a truly one-stop-shop experience. We only sell proven, tested, and quality automotive lighting products (no cheap LED's here ). New products are added monthly. (Products not listed on website can also be offered via custom request.)
 Discounts, Discounts, Discounts!
As an authorized dealer you will receive discounted rates off products site-wide.
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