RGBW Demon Eyes Info + Install Guide

RGBW Demon Eyes Info + Install Guide

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1. What are Demon Eyes?

LED Demon Eyes is a simple but cool way to give your headlights a custom look and make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. Demon Eyes are small LED accents installed behind the projector lens, shining a bright LED to fill the reflector bowl and illuminate the lens in a range of colors. These LEDs turn your car's projector headlights into an incredible colored light show you can control right from your phone. 

  • Demon Eyes are small, high-powered LED accents installed behind the projector lens, shining a bright LED downwards to fill the reflector bowl and illuminate the lens in a range of colors. 
  • Demon eyes are universal fitment and are compatible with any projector-style headlamp.
  • Demon eyes are not compatible with halogen or non-projector style headlights. 

2. What do RGBW / multicolor demon eyes look like?



3. How to install demon eyes? 

To install Demon eyes, the headlights must first be opened up. Learn how to open headlights here. 

After the headlights are opened, the demon eyes can be mounted above the projector, shining down to illuminate the projector. To mount the demon eyes, you can use the included mounting brackets (the mounting bracket holes will not align with all projectors. If the mounting bracket does not align, simply bypass the bracket and remove and mount the demon eyes above the projector using epoxy.

(We recommend jb weld steel stick)

Demon eyes Brackets often don't align with the holes on the projector. Due to this, most demon eyes will need to be mounted with epoxy or use the hold on the back of the led unit itself. 



4. How do demon eyes look Installed 



5. Where can I find this product?

Multicolor Demon Eyes | Dual Intensity RGBW


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