Halo Diffusers + Install Guide

Halo Diffusers + Install Guide

General info and installation guide for Halo Diffusers

Upgrade your vehicle's aesthetics with our Halo Diffusers. Elevate its appearance effortlessly with step-by-step instructions tailored for seamless integration, ensuring your vehicle boasts eye-catching halo lighting effects.

A Halo diffuser is a plastic cover that mounts over the halo ring. This hides the individual LED's and gives the halo a smooth plasma like appearance. 


These Diffuser covers spread the light evenly making them appear to be one solid LED chip.  Perfect for all Halos 


How to install a halo diffuser 

  • To mount your diffuser over your halo ring, place the diffuser over the halo and tie the diffuser to the halo using thin beading or craft wire. (Halo Mounting Wire – RGB Halo Kits)
  • Alternatively, you can drill small holes on the side of the diffuser and run mounting wire thru the cover instead of over it to keep the wire more hidden.

Diffusers are available in sizes:

  • 55mm
  • 70mm
  • 80mm
  • 90mm 
  • 110mm
  • 120mm
  • 160mm 

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