Wiring Guide

Wiring Guide

Step into the world of automotive customization with confidence as we present our comprehensive guide to wiring RGB Halo Kits and seamlessly integrating them with accompanying mobile apps. From novice enthusiasts to seasoned veterans, this guide is tailored to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to transform your vehicle into a stunning display of vibrant illumination. Join us as we illuminate the path to effortless installation and endless customization possibilities.
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Wiring FAQ

  •   Can I wire my lights to turn on/off automatically with a vehicle parking light or DRL? 

Yes, you can wire the controller two ways:

1. (recommended) you can wire the controller straight to the battery or constant power source: this will allow you to control the lights at all times even if the car is off. Lights will have to be cut on/off manually via the app. 

2. You can wire the controller to a DRL fuse or parking light. The wiring will allow the lights to cut on/off automatically with the DRL or parking lights on your vehicle; however, you will not be able to control the lights while the vehicle or DRL/parking light is off. 



Archives (Older Versions)

Used  11/01/2023-05/24/24

app: Banlanx

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RGBWA= RGBW+ Amber Turn Signal 

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