Do I need a remote for my order?
  • Any multicolor, rgb, rgbw, or flow series product does require a controller for operation 
  • (Ex. Flow series strips will need a flow series Bluetooth or flow series rf handheld remote)
  • (Rgbw grill lights will need an rgbw Bluetooth remote or rgbw M7 handheld remote)  
  • *Switchback (white/amber) and Single Color Products can be used without a remote* 

Can I run multiple products off one remote?

  • Underglow, wheel rings, interior footwell lighting  = each product will need its own remote controller and cannot be combined with other products. 
  • Halo kits, DRL Boards, Grill Lights, Headlight Strip Lighting= can be combined and controlled on 1 controller/ remote. 
  • On flow series products if running more than 4 products 2 controllers is best)
  • Flow series products cannot be run with a rgbw remote, rgbw products cannot be operated With a flow series remote. Must choose the corresponding remote for each product type.