What We Do

RGB Halo Kits is an online marketplace and supplier of the best automotive LED lighting products. We only sell the best high-quality products + unique products that incorporate the latest LED and optical technology.

Because of our background in the automotive lighting Industry (since 2012) We are able to carefully control quality by selling only the best, time proven products, while bringing unique items to market faster than the competition.

We back our products with an industry-leading warranty, and the best service and support experience possible.

Whether it's Halo kits, replacement LED bulbs, full LED assemblies, multicolor accents, or unique lighting control modules, RgbHaloKits is quickly becoming a leader in specialty LED lighting.

Our Story

After installing color changing halos on my 2002 Honda accord Coupe back in 2012, I was super excited as I was one of the very first vehicles with these new “multicolor halos”. After a few weeks of daily driving. I would usually leave my halos on in the parking lot as I ran errands and went about my daily life. I was completely flabbergasted with the amount of attention I would get from people that stopped me at gas stations, parking lots, grocery stores, school, etc.

It was like I was famous. I was drawing huge crowds, people were taking videos/pictures of my car, and posing with my car. It was awesome. I truly felt like I was getting more attention than I would driving a Lamborghini (my dream car). Everywhere I went, people wanted to know two things: Where the heck did you get that from? And Do they have some for my vehicle?

I was getting so much interest in these multicolor halos, that It was at this moment that I quit my job and started seriously looking into installing and creating these products. I started small, just doing installs in my parent’s carport for years. Finally, with more help, we moved up to garage, then the back of a friend’s shop, then finally our first storefront shop.  Our goal was to make these halo kits available for all vehicles and create halo kits anyone can order and install regardless of mechanical knowledge, age, or gender!

Fast forward years later, and we are now proud to introduce our massive online retail store; featuring the world best automotive multicolor halo kits, lighting products, prebuilt headlights and much more to set your vehicle apart. We would love for you to experience the joy we felt back in 2012 after installing our first set of multicolor Halos!

Our Mission

To provide quality engineered halo kits and unique automotive lighting products for all vehicles

We aim to provide the best and fastest service in the industry, through well-trained, knowledgeable staff, and clear policies that place convenience first for our customers. 

We are just like you! automotive enthusiasts (who specialize in awesome lighting).

Our Team

The Rgb Halo Kits team is an energetic group of 5 people, who work hard to provide quality engineered lighting products, with the best service possible. We take pride in our quality products, our customer-focused service, and our work.

In order to achieve the standards our customers expect; our staff is trained to quickly assist and support customers  

Our Facilities 

Main headquarters and distribution.

Rgb Halo Kits is based in Phoenix, AZ

We currently operate out of one building. With warehouses and suppliers in

Earth City, Missouri

Fairfield, New jersey

 Atlanta, Ga