General Products Warranty 

RGB Halo kits' products feature a 1 year warranty. If you have an issue with any product, we will diagnose the issue with you, and you may be required to answer questions or assist in the diagnosis.

How General Product Warranty Works:

If you need to replace parts under warranty, please take photos of the issue or product. Fill out the warranty form in the link below and submit it. Your warranty request will be processed and answered through email within 48 hours M-F. 

For approved warranty claims, we will replace the defective product with the same replacement product. 

Terms and Conditions 

Prebuilt Headlights Warranties: 

Prebuilt Multicolor Headlights feature a 1-year limited warranty. RGB Halo kits builds and thoroughly tests all prebuilt lights before they ship out. A photo or video of the completed build can be provided if requested before the item ships out. Prebuilt headlights are built to order and can take anywhere from 1-7 weeks to ship from date of order. If you have any issue with your pre-built headlights, we will help troubleshot and diagnose the issue with you.

If the issue is an external component issue like LED drivers, controllers, extension wire, wiring harness ect. Rgb halo kits will send out a warranty order that includes replacements that the faulty component. These components can be easily swapped out to fix most issues without removing the headlights from vehicle. 

If the issue is an internal component issue like moisture in the headlight, defective led strip or halo, ect. The customer will need to return the faulty headlights to Rgb Halo Kits for repair. We will provide a free prepaid return label within the 1 year warranty and will do a free repair on the original set of lights on which the work was completed. For internal headlight issues, Rgb halo kits does not ship replacement headlights. We repair the original set of lights on which the work was completed. If your product is outside the 1 year warranty RGB Halo Kits may provide a Fix it Service for a cost.  

Due to this we highly recommend keeping your oem headlights should you ever need to service your lights in future. We do understand that some customers may not have an additional set of headlights; therefore, all warranty work is expedited and sent back quickly to limit inconvenience. Bulbs included in aftermarket or prebuilt headlights are often included for convenience and are not covered under warranty or included in the cost of the product.  

Damaged or Modified Products: 

Warranty does not cover items that have been modified or physically damaged or items that fail due to Installation errors (example: water damage, bent or damaged wheel ring metal, underglow bar falling off or getting scrapped off,  physically damaged halos, etc.)

We understand that some products may be modified during installation or used by the customer to suit a need. However, cutting or soldering wires or otherwise extreme modification of any product in a manner not specified may void the product warranty. Negligence due to Improper installation or improper use, or abuse of any product beyond the limits of "normal wear and tear" may void the warranty. 

Warranty does not cover product failure due to damage caused by car accidents, storms, floods, or other outside circumstances or natural disasters. If the product is damaged after a car accident, after poor installation, or other damages unrelated to the product, it will not be covered by the warranty. 

Warranty Transfers:

All warranties are non-transferable and are only applicable to the original purchaser. Warranties are honored based on purchases directly from and not other vendors, dealers, marketplaces, etc. 

Lost, Stolen Products: 

Warranty or Replacement does not cover lost or stolen products if tracking confirms the item was successfully delivered to the provided address. 

Warranty Shipping: 
Rgb halo kits will cover the cost of warranty shipments if the warranty is reported within 30 days of the date the order was placed. (some exclusions apply). The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping on warranties reported after 30 days of the date of order. 

Installation Labor:

Warranties cover products only and not installation related cost. We cannot offer any compensation for installation costs, whether that be initial installation of a product or warranty installation and diagnostics. We strongly encourage customers to contact us prior to seeking outside assistance in diagnosis of any product issue. It is highly recommended to test products before any installation. 

Discontinued or updated Products:

If the product was discontinued or updated to a different version: we will send a current equivalent as a replacement. If the current equivalent would not match we will offer up to a 50 percent discount on whole new kit. 

Third Party Websites:

Warranties outlined above are only applicable on products purchased directly from Products purchases from ebay, amazon, etsy, or any other third party website marketplace do not include warranty. 

Warranty Returns for Refund: 

If a product has been warrantied or if warranty replacements for that product have been sent out previously then that order and or product is not eligible for return for refund. 

More info:

Please get in touch with us at info@rgbhalokits for any questions regarding our warranty policy.
  • All warranties, expressed or implied, are void if our warranty claim department determines that there is sufficient evidence of negligence, modification or incorrect application or installation of the product. 

Have a defective product or need to submit a warranty claim? 

Step 1: Troubleshoot / Identify the issue 

Step 2: If the problem persists after troubleshooting please submit a claim here: 

Please Include the following in your warranty claim submission:

  1. Your first and last name 
  2. Your order number 
  3. A detailed explanation of your issue
  4. Clear pictures or video of the problem & how the controller is wired to the vehicle (required)
  5. Description of what troubleshooting steps you took to solve the topic (this will help speed up the warranty process)

Step 3: We will start a warranty claim and review your claim. During this time, we may ask for more information or details. Please be ready to provide this. Once approved, we will send a warranty Order Invoice to your email.