2019+ Camaro SS RGBW DRL Running Lights Installation Guide

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2019+ Camaro SS RGBW DRL Boards

1. Remove Bumper

  • To access headlights, remove the bumper
  • We recommend checking out some handy youtube tutorials for help!

2. Remove Headlights

  • Remove the (7mm) bolts to remove the headlights from vehicle

3. Open Headlights (Cutting method recommended due to OEM sealant type)

  • Headlights can be cut open using a rotary cutting tool, Dremel, oscillating tool, or ultrasonic cutter
  • Cut the seal close to where the lens meets the housing. Be sure to use slow and controlled cuts until you have worked your way around the entire headlight assembly.
  • Once lens is loose, use force to separate lens from the housing.
  • Need more help? We recommend checking out a Youtube video on how to open headlights by cutting.

4. After headlights are open

  • Identify and remove the two OEM circuit boards in each headlight on the back of the inside bezel.

5. Remove the OEM Factory DRL Boards

  • Next, remove the screws by holding the black alignment bracket in place over the factory boards.
  • Pull the bracket off and unclip the power connector from the factory board.
  • Use a small screwdriver to release the mounting point where the circuit board meets the clear acrylic DRL. Repeat for the second circuit board.
  • Pull off the factory DRL boards

6. Installing the New RGBW Boards

  • Reattach multicolor DRL boards to the black alignment bracket and align and snap the DRL boards into the OEM clear acrylic DRL piece
  • Once aligned, screw in the multicolor DRL board bracket into place using the original hardware. Reattach the black alignment bracket using factory screws.
  • Repeat for both of the RGBW DRL boards

7. Installing the RGBW Boards

  • Using the alignment tabs, install the RGBW DRL boards using the original retaining screws and hardware.
  • Once complete, route the wires out of the headlamp through the dust cap and seal any holes you create.

8. Completing the Install/Resealing

  • Be sure to test all components before completing the installation and resealing
  • Align headlights and lens together to the best of your ability. You can then use a hot knife or soldering iron and melt the plastic together around the cut
  • Optional step: Finish off with RTV silicone sealant for extra security.