Installation Instructions: 


Step 1:

You will need to remove the red inserts on your factory 2007+ GMC truck grill emblem in order to install the replacement LED grill emblem letters. This can be done by drilling out the plastic pins that hold in the inserts located on the rear of the factory emblem.


Step 2:

After the OEM Letters are removed, drill a hole for the multicolor GMC emblem wiring for each letter.


Step 3:

Run wires through and drill holes as needed. The LED emblem will only fit inside GMC grill emblems that have chrome surroundings and recessed red inserts inside of them. Each Letter features 3M adhesive backing to ensure a secure fit!


Check out this Video Example of how to remove your OEM Red GMC letter inserts pieces. 



Alternative product for 2006 and older GMC Trucks : 


If the RGB GMC Emblem still doesn't fit your vehicle we can exchange your emblem for a universal multicolor GMC emblem with a backing plate. The black backing provides a solid surface allows the emblem to install on any application!