How to Mount Halo Rings

Ways to mount Halo Rings
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Discover the step-by-step process of mounting halo rings and elevate your vehicle's appearance effortlessly.

There are a few ways to mount your halo ring or halo kit 


1. Use the 3M adhesive tape

  • 3m tape can found on the backside of your halo ring (available on most kits). Simply peel off the film covering, aim and mount!
  • For extra security, be sure to use adhesive promoter or sand the surface you’ll be applying the halos to before mounting. 


 2. Epoxy

  • Simply spread epoxy along the backside of the halo and stick onto it’s desired location.
  • Hold until secure or dry. 


3. Use beading wire method

  • Beading or craft wire can be tied around the halo and used to secure the halo down. 
  • This usually requires drilling a small hole on each side of the headlight internals where the halo will mount.
  • Run the wire through the hole and twist lock the open ends together on the backside of the headlight until firm.


Additional Mounting Tips:

  • In some applications you may need to drill a small hole to run wiring through before mounting your halo ring