Types of LEDs (what is difference between RGBW and Flow)

      • RGB = multicolor (red, green, blue, yellow, orange ect.) 
      • RGBW = (multicolor + pure white color )
      • RGBWA= (multicolor + pure white + Amber turn signal function)
      • Flow / Flow Series= (multicolor + 120+ rainbow like sequential effects)
      • Switchback = (white + amber turn signal functionality)  

Note: If you do not see a remote option for you product this usually means the product already comes with one in the kit. 


Do I need a remote for my order?

  • Any multicolor, RGB,RGBW, RGBWA, FLOW SERIES, product does require a controller for operation 
  • *Switchback (white/amber) and Single Color Products can be used without a remote*
  • If you do not see a remote option for you product this usually means the product already comes with one in the kit. 

Can I run multiple products from one single remote controller?

Yes, our products are cross compatible with a wide range of other products on the same controller. To ensure compatibility, please check the following:

  • (No controller) option available: If a product gives you both the options of not adding a controller and adding a controller, this generally means this product can be combined with other products on the same controller. However you will need at least one controller for your order.
  • (No controller) option not available: If a product does not give you the option of selecting no controller or includes a controller with the product by default then that means that particular products needs its own controller and cannot be combined with other products
  • LED type: must be the same RGBW to RGBW or Flow to Flow 

Can I control Flow and RGBW products on the same controller?

  • No, For Products to be compatible they must both be the same color style or LED type. RGBW products are only compatible with other RGBW Products. Flow Series or color chasing products are only compatible with other Flow series or color chasing products. A Flow Series or Color chasing product is not compatible with a RGBW Product on the same controller.
  • However, RGB / RGBW / RGBWA products can be combined on the same controller in most cases.

Which Products are compatible on the same Controller? 

Products Generally compatible on the same controller 

  • DRL Circuit Boards 
  • Halo Kits and Halo Rings 
  • LED Emblems (most) 
  • Grille Lights / Engine Bay Lighting 
  • Demon eyes 
  • DRL tube strips and headlight strips

Products Generally Not compatible on the same controller 

  • LED Underglow
  • LED Wheel Lights
  • LED Emblems (few) 
  • Rock Lights
  • Interior Lighting kits 

        What are DRL Boards?

        • DRL = Daytime Running Lights 
        • White DRL Boards power your vehicle’s oem LED Daytime Running Lights (not all vehicles have drl's) 
        • RGBW Multicolor Led Boards are a direct replacement of your oem white led boards and offer an infinite array of colors + pure white 

        What is Halo kit?

        • A Halo is essentially a ring or a custom shaped array of outward facing Leds. 
        • Our Quality engineered smd (Surface Mount Diode) Halo kits utilize an advanced LED chip that produces brilliant light output while only consuming a small amount of power. 
        • Halos can be ran continuously for hours and hours, even when your vehicle is off, without affecting the battery. 
        • Each vehicle specific Halo Kit is engineered to fit easily in the specified headlight. The design, size, and shape of each halo kit differs based on the vehicle. 

        How do I open and reseal my headlights?

        Note* when done properly headlights can be open and resealed without any risk of moisture or condensation

        Option 1: Headlights can be baked in the oven at 240 degrees for 12-20 min (allow oven to fully preheat before inserting headlights and put aluminum oil on the oven rack) Once headlight has been fully heated take it out using heat resistant gloves.

        -Use a flat head screwdriver to begin prying from one end of the headlight until you have worked around the entire light.  the lens from the housing. Be sure to work all the way around the headlight before attempting to pull the lens off. 

         Option 2: use a cutting, oscillating tool, or ultrasonic cutter to cut the seal where the lens meets the housing. Use nice slow, even cuts and lens will fall right off

        See more here on opening and resealing headlights

        How do I find products for my vehicle?

        Step 1. To find compatible products for your vehicle. Simply go to the top of home page and use our “Choose your vehicle” Search Filter.  (Note: If no products come up --move to step 2)

        Step 2. Use the Magnifying Glass Search Icon found towards the top of every page and search the model of your vehicle (ex. Challenger, Altima, Wrangler) This will do a broad search on the entire website

         Step 3. If no products come up under the first two search options this does not mean we don’t have products for your vehicle. It just means we don’t have a vehicle specific halo kit or multicolor daytime running light kit for your vehicle. We do have universal products like exterior/interior accent lighting, wheel rings, underflow, and more that fit all vehicles!

        Step 4: We do sell halos by the size available in all LED types

        • If you have projector style lights or if the design of your headlights is shaped in such a way that allows a halo to be mounted you may contact us and see what size halo you may need.
        • Most basic projector style headlights will use an 80mm halo)
        • Halogen style headlight may or may not be suitable for halos depending on design)

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