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Wiring FAQ

  •   Can I wire my lights to turn on/off automatically with a vehicle parking light or DRL? 

Yes, you can wire the controller two ways:

1. (recommended) you can wire the controller straight to the battery or constant power source: this will allow you to control the lights at all times even if the car is off. Lights will have to be cut on/off manually via the app. 

2. You can wire the controller to a DRL fuse or parking light. The wiring will allow the lights to cut on/off automatically with the DRL or parking lights on your vehicle; however, you will not be able to control the lights while the vehicle or DRL/parking light is off. 



Archives (Older Versions)

Used  11/01/2023-05/24/24

app: Banlanx

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RGBWA= RGBW+ Amber Turn Signal 

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