Dodge Ram Illuminated Emblem Install Guide

Dodge Ram Illuminated Emblem Install Guide

Dodge Ram Illuminated Emblem Install Guide
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Enhance the exterior appeal of your Dodge Ram with our Illuminated Emblem Install Guide. Elevate your truck's presence effortlessly with step-by-step instructions tailored for seamless integration, ensuring your Ram stands out with a bold and illuminated emblem on the road.

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Ram LED Emblem: Multicolor (2019-2023)

Installation Guide version 1.0:

This product has been updated to version 2.0.

The wires now exit from the back of the emblem, allowing them to be completely invisible after installation.

For optimal results, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Partially cover the wires from the emblem with 3M tape on the back. (Please cut around this to allow the wires to come straight out the back of each letter.)
  2. After removing the factory letters, drill a hole large enough in the grille for the wires to exit straight out the back. (The hole will be covered by the emblem itself.)
  3. The product can be installed with or without removing the bumper.


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