Finding Products for your Vehicle

Finding Products for your Vehicle

Explore tailored automotive lighting solutions with our curated DRL Boards and Halo Kits. Use our intuitive search to find precise fits by year, make, and model.
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For assistance in locating products tailored to your vehicle, please follow these steps:

Step 1: We recommend beginning with our selection of DRL Boards ( or Halo Kits (

Utilize the filters below to refine your search by vehicle make.


Step 2: Alternatively, you can utilize the search feature located at the top of any page. We suggest searching by year, make, and model exclusively (e.g., 2018 Dodge Charger). This will generate vehicle-specific products suitable for your vehicle.


Step 3: Explore our range of universal products designed to fit all years, makes, and models of vehicles:

Step 4: Review our complete inventory and product offerings to ensure comprehensive coverage:

If you still encounter difficulty in finding a halo kit suitable for your vehicle, please explore our new custom halo kit listing, where we can create a custom halo kit tailored specifically to your vehicle: Custom Halo Kit

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