2014-2018 Dodge Durango Multicolor Halo Kit - RGB Halo Kits Multicolor Flow Series Color Chasing RGBWA LED headlight kit Oracle Lighting Trendz OneUpLighting Morimoto theretrofitsource AutoLEDTech Diode Dynamics
2014-2018 Dodge Durango Multicolor Halo Kit - RGB Halo Kits Multicolor Flow Series Color Chasing RGBWA LED headlight kit Oracle Lighting Trendz OneUpLighting Morimoto theretrofitsource AutoLEDTech Diode Dynamics
2014-2018 Dodge Durango Multicolor Halo Kit - RGB Halo Kits Multicolor Flow Series Color Chasing RGBWA LED headlight kit Oracle Lighting Trendz OneUpLighting Morimoto theretrofitsource AutoLEDTech Diode Dynamics
Dodge Durango Multicolor Halo Kit (2014-2018)
Dodge Durango Multicolor Halo Kit (2014-2018)
Dodge Durango Multicolor Halo Kit (2014-2018)
Dodge Durango Multicolor Halo Kit (2014-2018)

Dodge Durango Multicolor Halo Kit (2014-2018)

Sale price$183.00
Color Style:RGBW (multicolor + white)
Controller:Hybrid (Bluetooth + Handheld Remote)

Transform Your Headlights with Vibrant and Dynamic Multicolor LEDs.

✔️ #1 most Head-turning mod: Prepare to get tons of compliments and looks
✔️ Save money: No need to buy new headlights, simply upgrade your factory headlamps and get the look you want.
✔️ Flow/Color Chasing LEDs: Newest LED tech featuring flowing 120+ effects
✔️ Full Multicolor: The newest and brightest multicolor LED tech featuring a variety of modes and features
✔️ 2-in-1 Hybrid LED Control: Control your LEDs with your Phone + wireless handheld remote
✔️ Enhanced Look: Makes your car stand out, adding an attractive unique and modern touch.

Transform your Dodge Durango with this vibrant multicolor halo kit. From styling to safety, this kit adds a unique and eye-catching glow to both headlights and taillights, creating a modern appearance that stands out on the road. So, liven up your ride and be the envy of your peers!

Color Style + Remote

Flow or RGBW Which is better?


Flow Series or Flow or Color Chasing is the newest LED Style and features the most head-turning effects and rainbow like, flowing dynamic color combinations. Flow is great for car shows, attention, etc. Flow is slightly more complex to operate as there are so many led modes. However, you can still choose solid colors RGB colors like red, green, blue, and yellow at will through our controller. Flow does not feature a pure white color chip but does feature a mixed or (blueish white color 6500k)

Flow Series or Color Chasing LEDS, also known as IC LEDs , incorporate an integrated circuit directly into the LED. This allows each LED to be controlled individually, enabling advanced visual effects such as color chasing and sequencing. IC LEDs are perfect for applications that require dynamic, customizable, and attention-grabbing lighting effects.


RGBW is more simple and sometimes brighter than Flow Series/ Color Chasing LEDS. RGBW is also sometimes cheaper than Flow/ Color chasing LEDs, making it an excellent option for someone who wants multicolor functionality without all the extra modes that Flow/ Color chasing offers.

RGBW stands for Red, Green, Blue, and White. This LED technology allows for the creation of a wide spectrum of colors by combining the primary colors red, green, blue, and also includes a dedicated white chip for pure white illumination. This makes RGBW LEDs ideal for situations that require both colorful and pure white lighting.

Controller options 

(2 in 1):  Hybrid Controller features Bluetooth Control + Wireless Handheld Remote

  • Bluetooth Control: Allows the user to control the Halo kit/ Led Lights via app on your phone! Our Ultra-responsive app gives you full control over the colors, modes, brightness, speed, and more! Your phone or smart device is the controller! 
  • RF Handheld Remote: “Radio Frequency” wireless remote features a quicker, easy to use solution for controlling your lights. Similar to a miniature tv remote. This remote option allows you to change colors, modes, brightness, and speed, at the quick click of a button. 


      Installation Time: 1-2 hours (after headlight is open)

      Installation Overview: Product installs into your existing OEM headlights

      Tools Needed: Basic Toolset

      Install Guide: Halo general install guide


      • (2) Halo Rings
      • (2) waterproof Halo Drivers if RGBW.
      • Easy wiring + Voltage regulators (drivers)
      • Product installs into your existing headlights
      • Easy Plug and Play wiring + harnesses/drivers
      • Hybrid (Bluetooth + Handheld Remote)
      • Install guide + Access to Install Resources 
      • Top-Notch Customer Support 
      • Invitation to RGB Halo Kit's affiliate program (earn commissions for referrals)
      • Quantity1 Pair (Left and Right Side)

        Vehicle Compatibility

        This kit fits the following vehicles:

        • 2014 Dodge Durango
        • 2015 Dodge Durango
        • 2016 Dodge Durango
        • 2017 Dodge Durango
        • 2018 Dodge Durango


        LED halo rings are a type of automotive lighting. These are circular lights that you can install in your vehicle's headlights or tail lights. They are called 'halo' because when lit, they form a ring of light that looks like a halo.

        These lights can produce different colors and dynamic, moving color patterns, and their brightness and patterns can be controlled via a Bluetooth and handheld controller.

        1. Flow or Color Chasing LEDs can produce any color + feature dynamic, moving color patterns, giving the impression of "chasing" colors.

        2. RGBW LEDs can produce any color in the spectrum + feature a pure white color chip.

        Method 1: without opening headlights

        Choose the size using visual cues. With most projector-style headlights use an 80mm halo size that fits around the LED projector.

        Method 2: Open your headlights and measure

        1. Non-waterproof headlight halos are installed inside headlamps. Since headlamps must be opened either way you can also wait to order your size after opening.
        2. Remove/ open the headlight lens: This will give you access to the headlight assembly.
        3. Measure the diameter of the headlight: Use a tape measure or a ruler to measure the diameter of the headlight assembly from one end to the other in the area you want to mount the halo ring.
        4. Record the measurement: Write down the measurement and compare it with the sizes available and order the halo ring that is closest in size to what is needed. Sizes don't always have to be exact and we recommend ordering one size down if your size is in between the two different sizes we offer.
        5. Halo ring sizes are listed by outside diameter, in millimeters. So an 80mm ring is 80mm in outside diameter.

        If you accidentally choose the wrong size no need to worry, we can exchange it for a different and correct size.

        Product must be uninstalled and in like new condition for us to exchange.

        Installation processes can vary depending on the specific model and your vehicle type. Refer to the specific product instructions for the best results.

        However, generally, you will need to remove and open the headlight assembly, install the halo ring inside, and then reassemble.

        Halos Rings mount by using 3m double sided tape and we also recommend them to be tied down using fishing line or craft wire for extra hold.

        Yes, our LED halos features a range of color options that can be adjusted to any color or brightness desired.

        No, these Halo rings are not waterproof and are designed to be installed inside a sealed headlamp.

        Alternatively: we do have waterproof halo rings available here: Waterproof halo rings

        We use the highest quality LED technology in our products, ensuring the brightest and most reliable lighting.

        Additionally, our controller features a unique hybrid system with both Bluetooth capabilities and a handheld remote, offering you unparalleled control and convenience.

        Yes, you can install our LED products if you are handy. We provide plenty of guides on how to install. However, since the headlights need to be opened, we recommend professional installation if you are not comfortable with this process.

        Our LED halos are controlled via our hybrid system that includes both Bluetooth connectivity and a handheld remote control.

        This dual system offers flexibility, allowing you to change colors, adjust brightness, and control other features from your smartphone or the remote.

        For vehicle-specific halos, there are some rare cases where the ring doesn't fit. Rest assured; we can exchange it for the correct size.

        Yes, our product does come with a warranty. We offer a one-year warranty on all our Halos. We stand behind the quality and performance of our products. You can order with peace of mind, knowing that we've got you covered if any issues arise.

        Offroad use: All colors are legal and safe for offroad use.

        Onroad use: All our Multicolor LED products feature a white and amber street legal color. However, the legality of other colors can vary based on your location as traffic laws differ from place to place.

        We recommend checking with local law enforcement or the Department of Motor Vehicles to ensure compliance with local regulations. Use of some colors such as blue and red may be restricted as they are commonly used on emergency vehicles.

        Our multicolor halos come with their own wiring harness. It's simple to install, features plug and play connectors and it draws power directly from the vehicle's battery or any 12v power source within vehicle.