Blueghozt controller

Blueghozt controller

Blueghozt controller Wiring
Unlock the full potential of your vehicle's lighting system with the Blueghozt controller and wiring - your gateway to custom illumination like never before. Seamlessly blend style and functionality with this state-of-the-art controller, designed to provide unparalleled control over your vehicle's lights. From dynamic color-changing effects to synchronized patterns, delve into a world of limitless customization options. Discover how the Blueghozt controller and wiring revolutionize automotive lighting, offering not just aesthetics, but also enhanced safety and visibility on the road.

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Blueghozt controller 

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Product Compatibility

Flow series only

  • 5v: Grille Lights, DRL Boards, Engine bay lights, Halos, Halo kits  (can combine multiple products on one controller up to 8 outputs) 
  • 12v: Underglow, Wheel lights (will need one controller per product) 

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