Wondering what products can be combined together on 1 controller? 

What products need their own separate controller

This product compatibility guide is your answer!


How many products can I add to one controller? Our flow and RGBW controllers usually come with 4 outputs standard. If your order requires more outputs we will give you either a 6 or 8 output controller at time of fulfillment. We recommend keeping each controller to a maximum of 8 outputs in order to prevent it from getting overloaded. The amount of outputs each product takes depends on that specific product but most products use 1-2 outputs each. 

I want all my products to run off of one controller:

We understand that it would be idea for all products to be controlled off one controller but due to factors such as voltage differences and overall led load. One controller simply cannot handle numerous different products effectively. Therefore, some of our kits will need their own separate controllers. However,  all our RGBW products use the same bluetooth app (magic lights) and all our Flow products use the same app (led hue) with the exception of blueghozt controller, therefore you can still control multiple products within the same app just not at the same exact time.

If your goal is to have all of the lights synchronized, we recommend going with the RGBW kits. RGBW kits allow you to synchronize multiple controllers in the app and control all of the lights at once. With flow, all of our products use the same app, so even with multiple products/controllers the products can be named within the app for easy bluetooth accessibility. 

Can I control my flow and RGBW products on the same controller? No, flow controllers are not compatible with RGBW products, and RGBW controllers are not compatible with flow products. RGBW products require an RGBW remote and Flow products require a flow remote. 

Products that need their own separate controller

Underglow  Wheel Lights  Led Emblems  Interior Footwell Lights 
16ft Led Rolls  Rock Lights  Interior Dash Trim Lights  RGB Headlights Bulbs 


Products that can be combined on the same controller

DRL Boards  Halo Kits + Halo Rings  Grille Lights 
Engine Bay Lights  DRL Tube Strips 

Demon eyes