What Are Multi-Color Pre-Built Headlights?

What Are Multi-Color Pre-Built Headlights?

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Prebuilt Headlights are custom-built full headlights with multicolor components, halos, or DRL boards pre-installed and fully built, and Prebuilt Headlights are built to order using factory or aftermarket headlights. Prebuilt Headlights typically take about 2-3 weeks to build and complete after ordering. 


Prebuilt headlights make installation easy and are a great option for your ride! 
✅Brand New assemblies ⁣
✅Prebuilt Multicolor components⁣
✅ Easy 30 min plug and Play install ⁣
✅ zero interest financing available via QuadPay ⁣
✅ 1 yr warranty ⁣
✅ Available for select vehicles 


Prebuilt Headlights Link: https://rgbhalokits.com/collections/led-headlights

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