Halo Kits

Halo Kits

A LED halo kit is an aftermarket lighting accessory for vehicles that adds a ring of LED lights around the headlights or fog lights. Our halo kits can be controlled to display different colors and lighting effects, and are a popular way for car enthusiasts to add a unique and stylish touch to their vehicles.

LED halo kits are available for a wide range of makes and models, and can be installed either by a professional installer or by the customer themselves.  Our Halo kits utilize an advanced LED chip that produces brilliant light output while only consuming a small amount of power.


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Custom Halo Kit
Sale priceFrom $189.00

Fog Light Halos
Sale priceFrom $95.00

Waterproof LED Multicolor Halo Rings
Sale priceFrom $135.00

Heart Halo Rings | Multicolor
Sale priceFrom $115.00