Do you have any of these questions?

  • How do I wire my RGB, RGBW, or flow series halo rings?
  • What app do I download?
  • How do I connect my phone to the Bluetooth controller?
  • Where do I power the Bluetooth controller?

This wiring diagram is the Answer!

  • This wiring guide covers most products that Rgb halo kits sells like Halo Kits, DRL Kits, Headlight Strip lighting, Grille Lights, Engine Bay Lights, LED emblems, ect. However, some products like underglow and LED wheel rings may have slightly different wiring or setup. Please use the included wiring guide for those specific products. 


 Flow Series/Color Chasing LED Style Wiring 

flow series wiring guide

flow RF wiring guide

RGBW LED Style Wiring Guide 


rgbw RF wiring guide


RGBWA LED Style Wiring 

Rgbwa bluetooth wiring guide


RGBWA RF wiring guide


  •   Can I wire my lights to turn on/off automatically with a vehicle parking light or DRL? 

Yes, you can wire the controller two ways:

1. (recommended) you can wire the controller straight to the battery or constant power source: this will allow you to control the lights at all times even if the car is off. Lights will have to be cut on/off manually via the app. 

2. You can wire the controller to a DRL fuse or parking light. The wiring will allow the lights to cut on/off automatically with the DRL or parking lights on your vehicle; however, you will not be able to control the lights while the vehicle or DRL/parking light is off. 


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