Flow Hybrid Controller + Sequential Turn Signal feature
Flow Hybrid Controller + Sequential Turn Signal feature

Flow Hybrid Controller + Sequential Turn Signal feature

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Outputs :


  • Gives Sequential Turn Signal Ability to any 5v Flow Series Halo, DRL Boards, Strips, Emblems, etc.!
  • Easy plug-and-play LED connectors 
  • Over 120+ color chasing modes + static solid colors 
  • 2 in 1 Bluetooth controller + RF Handheld Remote included 

 This Regulator is intended for use with any 5V Flow Series/ Color chasing / Neoprism  Halos, DRL Boards, and grill strips only. It comes with an attached harness with a Built-In DRL & Sequential Turn Signal Feature. 

Yellow Wire 1 = Turn Signal Feature (driver Side)

Yellow Wire 2 = Turn Signal Feature (passenger Side)

Order Includes

  • 20-amp 5v regulator with 4-8 outputs
  • (2 in 1) Bluetooth controller + RF Handheld Remote


Tools Needed: Basic Toolset

Sequential Turn Signal Harness Wiring Guide


We offer HYBRID LED CONTROLLER, which combines Bluetooth connectivity with a handheld remote for versatile control options.

Our controllers are designed primarily for RGB Halo Kits but can be compatible with other RGB LED products, depending on their specifications and voltage requirements.

The power wires provided are 56 inches in length, ensuring flexibility in installation and connection.

For multicolor, RGB, RGBW, or Flow series products, a compatible controller is required for operation. Examples include Flow series strips needing a Flow series Bluetooth or Flow series RF handheld remote, and RGBW grill lights requiring an RGBW Bluetooth remote or RGBW handheld remote. Switchback (white/amber) and Single Color Products can operate without a remote.

Pairing the Bluetooth controller is easy. Simply enable Bluetooth on your device, power on the controller, and follow the pairing instructions provided in the user manual.

  • Underglow, wheel rings, and interior footwell lighting: Each of these products requires its own remote controller.
  • Halo kits, DRL Boards, Grill Lights, and Headlight Strip Lighting: These products can be combined on one controller.
  • Note: For Flow series products, if running more than four products, using two controllers is recommended.

Our controllers are designed to be weather-resistant but may not be fully waterproof. We recommend protecting them from direct exposure to water or moisture.

No, Flow series products cannot be operated with an RGBW remote, and RGBW products cannot be operated with a Flow series remote. It's essential to choose the corresponding remote for each product type to ensure compatibility and proper functionality.

Refer to our product descriptions or contact our support team for guidance on selecting the correct remote for your specific RGB, RGBW, or Flow series products. Choosing the right remote ensures optimal performance and functionality.

We provide a 1 warranty on our remote controllers, ensuring peace of mind and reliable performance.

Installation instructions are included in the product packaging. Additionally, you can check our help center or contact our support team for assistance.