2016+ Honda Civic Multicolor DRL Boards Install Guide

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2016+ Honda Civic Multicolor DRL Boards – RGB Halo Kits

Install Guide:

Due to the various products we carry. Unfortunately, we don't have a detailed step-by-step installation guide for every product. However, this general install guide should give some guidelines about the installation of this product.

Step 1: Remove bumper

Step 2: Open Headlights

Step 3: Remove factory DRL boards from headlights and swap Multicolor Boards in their place

Step 4: Reseal Headlights

Step 5: Wire your Multicolor DRLs according to the Wiring Guide


*Note: This video below was meant to provide some insight into how to open  the civic Headlights and also a basic process of how the multicolor DRL boards will install the headlights.  The headlights in the video are not the exact headlights for many base model honda civics but the overall process is the  the mostly the same.