DRL Boards Info

DRL Boards Info

Everything you need to know about DRL boards.
DRL Boards, or Daytime Running Light Boards, represent the pinnacle of illumination technology, offering drivers a blend of style and safety. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into what DRL Boards are, how they function, and why they're revolutionizing the driving experience. Discover how these dynamic lighting solutions not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of vehicles but also provide crucial visibility on the road, ensuring safer journeys for drivers everywhere. Dive into the world of DRL Boards and illuminate your path with confidence.
  1. What is a DRL = (daytime running light)
  • The white running lights in your headlights are commonly used in newer vehicles for an upgraded cosmetic appearance.                                            
  •  (note: these are not your low or high-beam headlight bulbs used for light output when driving at night)    


 2. What are  DRL Circuit Boards (daytime running light circuit boards)

  • DRL Circuit Boards power your vehicle’s OEM LED Daytime Running Lights
  • (note: not all cars have DRLs) 

3. Are DRL Boards complete headlight assemblies? 

  • No, Multicolor DRL Boards are not complete assemblies. DRL boards install into your current headlights and change the functionality of your existing headlights.

4. Why choose DRL boards?

  • Typically multicolor DRL boards will retain the factory appearance of your vehicle’s headlights when off or when selected to white while allowing you to choose any color in the rainbow for a truly unique experience and look. 
  • Install DRL boards are typically the cheapest way to get that custom multicolor look for your vehicle vs. purchasing complete prebuilt headlight assemblies, which can run upwards of $1500+

5. What do the actual DRL Boards look like?

  • Depending on the specific vehicle, DRL boards may come in many different shapes and sizes. They will typically be small custom-shaped aluminum pieces similar to puzzle pieces but can also be custom-shaped strips. 


6. How do the DRL Boards Look when installed? 

One word= Amazing!


7. How many quantities do I need to choose when ordering my DRL kit?

  • When ordering any DRL boards, you only need to select a quantity of 1.
  • One quantity = components and DRL boards for both headlights. 

Multicolor DRL Circuit Boards – RGB Halo Kits

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