How to Find Your Vehicle's Halo Size

How to Find Your Vehicle's Halo Size

Looking for a specific halo kit or halo ring size for your vehicle but don't know what size you should choose? This article is your answer! 

All halo sizes are listed by outside diameter, in millimeters. Available in 60-160mm sizes. To determine what size halo ring you need, we recommend measuring the outer diameter of your housing where you would like to mount it. 

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If you do not know what size you need to select for your vehicle simply check out our pre-made halo kits here: Multicolor Halo Kits - Best Multicolor Halo Kits

If we do not have a specific halo kit for your vehicle you can order a custom made halo kit in which we will determine your size needed : Custom Halo Kit


Quick Tip: Most Projector style headlights will use an 80 or 90mm halo size 

Our Halo sizes range from 55mm to 180mm size. Below is a conversion chart featuring MM/CM/Inches 


Millimeters Conversion Chart



Method 1: Without opening headlights

Choose the size using visual cues. With most projector-style headlights an 80mm halo fits around the LED projector. So, if you have standard projector headlights as pictured below you will need an 80mm halo size. We have also included what some bigger sizes would look like next to a standard projector-style headlight.

Method 2: Open your headlights and measure

  1. Non-waterproof headlight halos are installed inside headlamps. Since headlamps must be opened either way you can also wait to order your size after opening.
  2. Remove/ open the headlight lens: This will give you access to the headlight assembly.
  3. Measure the diameter of the headlight: Use a tape measure or a ruler to measure the diameter of the headlight assembly from one end to the other in the area you want to mount the halo ring.
  4. Record the measurement: Write down the measurement and compare it with the sizes available and order the halo ring that is closest in size to what is needed. Sizes don't always have to be exact, and we recommend ordering one size down if your size is in between the two different sizes we offer.
  5. Halo ring sizes are listed by outside diameter, in millimeters. So, an 80mm ring is 80mm in outside diameter.

What if I choose the wrong size? If you accidentally choose the wrong size no need to worry, we can exchange it for a different and correct size.

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