Removing Moisture / Condensation from Headlights

Removing Moisture / Condensation from Headlights
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Step 1:  Allow the headlights to Dry + air out 

This can be done by taking off the back cap of the headlight and allowing the headlight to air out. We then recommend, using a heat gun, air tool, or blower to blow air inside the headlight and speed up the drying time. Alternatively,  you can also park vehicle in sun for about 24-48 hours with the back cap removed and this should dry up the moisture as well. 

Step 2 (optional):  Once headlights are completely dry, we recommend drilling a small hole in the bottom of the headlight and using Breather patches to cover the hole. Breather Patches allow air flow into the headlight all while blocking moisture from getting in.  Breather Patches can be found here:

Step 3: Once headlights are completely dry.  Inspect the seal for any obvious openings. Depending on how the headlights were opened initially reseal can vary. 

  • For lights that were cut open: We recommend resealing around the entire seal with RTV Silicone Sealant found at any local hardware store.
  •  For headlights that were baked open: Simply Re-bake headlight in oven and press together firmly. 

Step 4: Allow headlights to cure for several hours, then test thoroughly with hose or shower before putting headlights back on vehicle.